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A book of meteoric iron


a book of meteoric iron


a book of meteoric iron by Ian Boyden


poem by Sam Hamill, paintings by Ian Boyden


paintings and essay by Ian Boyden


Paintings and drawings by Timothy C. Ely & Ian H. Boyden


a sequence of paintings by Ian Boyden


A translation of a poem by Kakinomoto no Asomi Hitomaro


poems by Jennifer Boyden, prints and drawings by Frank Boyden


collected, composed & calligraphed by Ian Boyden.


prints by Frank Boyden and Charles Chu, poems by Ian Boyden and Jennifer Boyden


Piano pieces by William Bolcom, prints by Frank Boyden


Selected Poems Composed & Calligraphed by Chang Ch'ung-ho


A narrative in drypoints by Ian Boyden


poem by Ian Boyden, prints by Frank Boyden


Artist Statement — Books



I have been making artist books since 1997, publishing them under the imprint of Crab Quill Press.  What began as an interest in producing limited-edition fine-press books exploring the art of calligraphy, soon became a fascination with the book itself, especially the artist book.  I see the book as a highly polyvalent object for gathering, extending, and giving physical form to ideas.  Books seem to effortlessly cross and engage multiple disciplines and dimensions: they are an archetypal object for dreaming, a vehicle for exploring a wide spectrum of technologies and materials, and a primary means for intimately encountering the vision of others.


In each of my books I explore how the book can grow from and inform the information it houses.  Rather than seeing the book as an indiscriminate structure, I view the book as a sophisticated system that not only houses but actually gives shape to ideas and images.  By allowing the book to become an active participant and contributor, the book becomes the consummate steward of our relationship to the world of ideas. 


My books celebrate the book as a kinetic structure and system designed to deliver sequenced information in a form that attends to tactile and visual pleasure. The goal of these efforts is a call to observation. In their production, Crab Quill books engage the history of image making and binding technologies, as well as the history of the book.  The books range from individual artist productions to extensive collaborations between calligraphers, graphic artists, authors, and translators. The lineage of craft, however, is a collaboration between generations and cultures, a reaching back through the past and bringing forth traditions that can be integrated into both our modern consciousness and process.


The publications are printed primarily on handmade papers using laser engravers, etching and proofing presses, are hand-bound, feature wood covers, and are presented in custom Solander boxes or slip cases. While most publications are editioned, other volumes remain unique and generally include original drawings, paintings, and writings. Crab Quill Press books have found their way into a number of public collections including the New York Public Library, The Freer Gallery of Art, and the rare book room of Suzhou University.



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