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collaboration with Jennifer Boyden


Grave Marker, Rose Hill Cemetary, Idaho Falls


Artist Statement—Sculpture

It is difficult to make a succinct statement about my sculptural works. Assessing these pieces, I find myself returning to two themes. One is the relationship between language and stones; the other is the interest in exploring the mutability of material. And, of course, sometimes both of these two collide. There are other seemingly irreconcilable elements at play as well, especially their relationship to time. Some of these sculptures are quite permanent and will likely last many centuries, while others, especially my self-portraits, are made to last only a few minutes, hours, or days. The disintegration of these more short-lived objects are recorded via photograph and video. These sculptures are more about the process of change than they are about the object itself. In all the work, I explore the ways that work relates to the larger world, the way it invokes language and natural processes, the way it gathers elements of the world to it (be these human or non-human), and especially the opportunities it gives us to observe the natural world as well as our relationship to the world.